Our group mainly develops and distributes electronic musical devices. In accordance with the basic philosophy “WE’RE FOR CREATORS,” we aim to establish our brand power by providing tools that enable creators around the world to create unique and original music so that we will be appreciated by stakeholders related to our group, including shareholders, employees, and business partners.


Our group consists of below companies.


ZOOM North America, LLC


Mogar Music S.r.l.


Hook Up, Inc.

Import and Sales


Services (Logistics)

ZOOM Dongguan Corporation

Services (Quality control)


Our group develops products in Japan, at ZOOM Corporation, but we do not have our own factories. All of our products are currently manufactured by EMS companies (*1), our contract manufacturers in China. All products manufactured in China are shipped from warehouse in China or Hong Kong to the warehouse in Japan or distributors (ZOOM North America, LLC for the U.S. and Canada markets, Mogar Music S.r.l. for South Europe markets, and ZOOM Authorized Distributors for other regions). From there the products are shipped directly or via wholesalers to musical instrument stores, major appliance stores, online shopping service companies, and sold to end users at stores or through the internet.

The major products of our group are as follows:

Product category

Product (Pic)

(1) Handy Audio Recorder (HAR)

Our handy audio recorder is a high-quality sound linear PCM recorder(*3), with which uncompressed sound can be recorded instead of compressed digital audio like MP3(*2) used for music distribution. This product was developed for rock musicians by using a recording technology that we cultivated through the development of multitrack recorders. It is now used not only by musicians, but also used as a sound recorder by creators who shoot movies with a digital single-lens reflex camera. 

In October 2018, we launched H3-VR, which can record spatial audio for VR content (360-degree recording). In July 2020, we launched H8, a flagship model with high operability equipped with a 2.4-inch color touch screen.







(2) Multi-Effector (MFX)

Our effects(*4) product is multi-effects device containing multiple effects using digital processing. Built-in effects can be freely combined, and the created sound can be recorded in the unit and used at any time by pressing a foot switch. We have been selling effects units for various instruments including bass guitars and acoustic guitars in a wide price range since we launched the Zoom 9002 “with the concept of a small-sized multi-effects that can be attached to a guitar strap” in 1990. 

In August 2020, we launched V3, which can also be used as a voice changer. 




(3) Handy video recorder (HVR)

Our handy video recorder is a music video recorder that can record with high-resolution audio(*5) sound quality. The product currently on the market can handle HD image quality known as high definition, and thus HD image video can be uploaded to YouTube provided by YouTube, LLC and Vimeo provided by Vimeo, LLC using our product. 

Q2n-4K released in November 2018 can shoot and upload videos with 4K image quality, and the usage scene as a WEB camera is expanding.



(4) Digital Mixer(DMX)/Multitrack Recorder (MTR)

Our multitrack recorder is a recording device that freely selects, records, and plays multiple tracks (unit of recoding data). The base music is composed in a track, a song in another track and a song with different scale in another track, thereby allowing multiple tracks to be recorded. 

In October 2019, we launched L-8, a lightweight and compact live mixer and recorder. In August 2020, we launched PodTrak ™ P4, a multi-track recorder that compactly integrates useful functions for podcast recording.




(5) Mobile Device Accessory (MDA)

Mobile device accessory is a recording device with which sound can be recorded using iOS by Apple Inc. Specifically, it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. By using a compact stereo microphone, audio or video sound can be recorded with CD-quality stereo sound. 



(6) Audio Interface (AIF)

Audio interface is a gateway of sound into and out of a computer. As a computer accepts only digital signals, the audio interface converts analog signals into digital audio information that a computer can process, as well as from digital to analog when listening to audio. Since we launched the TAC series products in 2014, We are expanding UAC series that supports the popular USB3.0 standard and U series that realizes the handy type with USB2.0.

In February 2019, we launched GCE-3, which enables us to use our vast effect library.



(7) Professional Field Recorder (PFR)

Professional field recorder is a recorder for creators in video-related industries or sound designers who use the device outdoors. It also has a time code(*6) function.

In September 2019, we launched the F6, which is half the size of the existing product F8n. In November 2020, we launched F2, an ultra-compact and wearable field recorder. At the same time, we are launched F2-BT that can be operated remotely by Bluetooth.





(8) Brand products offered by Mogar

Mogar Music S.p.A., which became a consolidated subsidiary in April 2018, also handles product brands other than ours. Products other than our brand imported and sold by Mogar Music S.p.A. are classified as independent categories as "Brand products offered by Mogar". 


  1. EMS companies
    EMS stands for Electronics Manufacturing Service, contract manufacturers of electronic devices.
  2. MP3
    A technique of compressing a sound sequence into a very small file, as well as the format of the file.
  3. Linear PCM recorder
    An IC recorder that can record audio data in the form of linear PCM in which sound data is not compressed. Linear PCM is a method of converting analog signals into digital audio information. It does not perform processing such as compression, which causes deterioration of sound quality.
  4. Effects
    A device that changes the sound of a guitar or bass guitar. It is categorized as an effects pedal, a single unit, and a multi-effects containing multiple effects in one unit.
  5. High-resolution audio
    High-resolution audio is defined by JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association), where either the sampling frequency (kHz) or quantization bit rate (bit) exceeds CD specifications. CD specification means 16bit/44.1kHz or 48kHz.
  6. Time code
    Electric signals that code time and time information.