Zoom is continuously working to achieve the implementation of SDGs (Social Development Goals set forth by The United Nations*). From eco-friendly packaging to the use of innovative accessibility technology, Zoom is committed to actively contributing to a more sustainable society.


Eco-friendly packaging design

Zoom has adopted environmentally friendly packaging practices and strives to reduce our environment impact.

The individual boxes for all new products are designed with fully recyclable cardboard and paper.
The use of plastic packaging materials has been greatly reduced in the packaging of these new products. Additionally, we no longer include consumables such as batteries and instruction manuals to promote paperless and light packaging (making data of instruction available on our website). This lightens the weight of our packaging, ultimately reducing Co2 emissions during transportation.

12.Responsible consumption, production
13.Climate action
14.Life below water
15.Life on land


The Establishment of the Zoom Group Foundation for The Promotion of Science.

Zoom supports the development of science and technology in sound, music and musical instruments in Japan.

On July 1, 2022, the Zoom Group Foundation for the Promotion of Science was established as an affiliate of Zoom Corporation.
The foundation provides grants to universities and public research institutes involved in the fields of sound, acoustics, and music research for select research themes.
On September 13, 2023, the foundation was recognized as a public interest incorporated foundation by the Japanese Cabinet Office.

4.Quality education
8.Decent work and economic growth
9.Industry, innovation, infrastructure

Zoom is making efforts to influence a society where anyone can use technology to enjoy music production.

We, at Zoom, believe that everyone should be able to benefit from technology and enjoy music production.
We have started to provide applications that support accessibility functions that support the visually impaired, such as VoiceOver and VoiceOver Gestures, and are working to enable visually impaired users to use the B6 Multi-Effects bass pedal and R20 Multi-Track Recorder, etc.
The Essential Series are the first handy recorders with accessibility from Zoom for blind and visually impaired creators.
Users can operate the recorder while listening to menu descriptions through the built-in speaker or headphones.
English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Italian, and Chinese are supported.

10.Reduced inequalities
Support of charitable organizations and projects

Zoom supports diversity amongst creators

Zoom actively seeks out and supports charitable organizations and projects that work to bring music, sound activities, technology to as many future creators as possible.

Dark Spark

Partnership with the Dark Spark Foundation

Versions, a project of the Dark Spark Foundation, is a support project that identifies 30 young changemakers between the ages of 16 and 24. The program comprehensively supports their success in the music industry throughout the year.
Zoom actively supports these efforts by providing equipment.

Partnership with Rwanda Media Project

Zoom proudly contributes to recording workshops for women as a part of the Rwanda Media Project, an incredible program for Rwandan filmmakers and media enthusiasts.

“Audio engineering is a male-dominated field and we, as women, represent only about 7% of the industry. To change this situation, we need to not only give women the same opportunities as men, but also actively support women creators.”

- Ana Monte, Sound Designer.

4.Quality education
10.Reduced inequalities
Flexible Work Environment for Employees

Zoom respects and empowers the individuality, diversity and lifestyle of all employees

Zoom prioritizes the work-life balance of our employees, including a flextime system and a relaxed dress code. We also offer extra bonuses based on years of service and a PTO system that allows employees to take refreshment holidays.

3.Good health and well-being
5.Gender equality
8.Decent work and economic growth
13.Climate action


In order to ensure sound management and compliance, we strive to maximize our corporate values to earn the highest level of trust with our stakeholders. We continuously enhance corporate governance and implement organizational and structural reforms, with a system that can respond quickly and flexibly to market changes.

16. Peace, justice and strong institutions