Corporate Profile

Our Business

Our Group consists of our Company and seven subsidiary companies. More specifically, the Group comprises ZOOM North America, LLC, Sound-Service Musikanlagen-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH and its own subsidiary, Sound Service MSL Distribution Limited (together known as the Sound Service Group), Mogar Music S.r.l. and Hookup, which function primarily as sales centers in key countries, and two other companies. Our Company’s products account for 60% of the group's total sales, with the remaining 40% coming from import and sales operations by each subsidiary that do not include our products.

Product planning and product development are handled by our Company (Japan). Production is outsourced to Asian EMS companies*1 since we do not have our own factory. Our brand products produced in these factories are shipped to our Group companies and distributors around the world and then delivered to creators in each country.

Faithful to our corporate philosophy of "WE'RE FOR CREATORS," our Group envisions a world where, thanks to the development and sales of creative audio equipment and services like effectors and recording devices, people can become global "expressers*2.

  • EMS companies: EMS stands for Electronics Manufacturing Services; an EMS company is a company that is entrusted with the contract manufacturing of electronic devices.
  • Expressers (Creators): individuals who pursue self-fulfillment by engaging in activities that allow them to express their true self and thus contribute to society.

Main products

Our group's products are mainly classified into the following categories.

Handy Audio Recorder (HAR)

The handy audio recorders of our group are the high-quality linear PCM recorders*1 that record uncompressed audio rather than the compressed digital audio, such as MP3*2 , used for music distribution. The product was developed for musicians playing rock music by applying the recording technology cultivated in multitrack recorders, but in addition to musicians, it is also used among the creators in the video and broadcasting fields as an audio recorder. The H8 is an easy-to-operate flagship model with a 2.4" color touchscreen.

  • Linear PCM Recorder:IC recorder records audio data in linear PCM format without compression. Linear PCM is one of the formats for converting analog signals, such as audio, into digital data but without the compression that can cause degradation of sound quality.
  • MP3:One of the technologies used to compress audio files and the file format created with it.
Digital Mixer/ Multi Track Recorder (DMX/MTR)

A digital mixer (DMX) is an electronic device that converts the input multiple audio signals into digital signals, adjusts volume and sound quality, and mixes multiple audio signals. A multi track recorder (MTR) is a recording device that provides freedom of selecting multiple tracks (units of recorded data) and recording and playing back and is a product that allows multiple recordings, such as creating a base music, recording a song on a separate track, and further recording a song in a different scale on a separate track. In October 2023, a new generation of multitrack recorder R4 compatible with 32-bit floating recording*1 technology was launched.

  • 32-bit Floating Recording: A recording method that adds an 8-bit exponential multiplier to 24-bit linear recordings. It has the advantage of not deteriorating the sound even if it is recorded at a small sound volume (gain) and then raised in editing.
Multi-Effects (MFX)

The effector of our group*1 is the multi-effects that integrates multiple effects by digital processing. Any combination of the built-in effect types are available, and the created tones can be recorded on the main unit and recalled for use by stepping on a foot switch.
Since the release of the 9002 with the concept of a small multi-effects that can be attached to a guitar strap in 1990, we have released a variety of products, including bass guitar models, acoustic guitar models, models in different price bands, and models for a wide range of acoustic instruments, such as saxophones and harmonicas. In November 2023, we released the multi-effects MS-50G+, the first MULTI STOMP model-change in 11 years that incorporates the established multilayer-IR*2 function.

  • Effector: A device that adds changes the tone of guitars, basses, and other instruments and is classified into the stand-alone effect pedals and the multi-effects with multiple effects built into a single enclosure.
  • Multilayer-IR: Signal processing technology that can naturally change the characteristics based on three impulse responses captured at different volume levels LOUD/MEDIUM/SOFT aiming to reproduce the dynamically variable characteristics of speaker cabinets in response to input volume.
Professional Field Recorder (PFR)

The Professional Field Recorder is a recorder intended for use outdoors by creators in video-related industries and sound designers, featuring 32-bit floating recording with an overwhelmingly vast dynamic range*1 and timecode*2 that provides high-precision synchronization with video images. Led by the flagship model F8nPRO, an abundant series of lineups are provided with different numbers of input channels.

  • Dynamic Range: The ratio of the maximum value to the minimum value of the processable audio signal, indicating the amount of information related to volume inflection.
  • Timecode: Electrical signal that encodes time and time information required in the field of video production, such as movies and TV programs.
MicTrak Recorders
M3(M Series)

The three models of the Microphone Track Series (M-Series), which combine the microphone sound collection technology cultivated in handy audio recorders and the 32-bit floating recording technology developed in professional field recorders, do not require adjustment of input gain*1 and are the pioneering microphone recorder series with eliminated recording failures, equipped with a microphone that can withstand high sound volumes and a high-performance preamplifier.*2

  • Input Gain: Amplification of electric signals via amplifiers in electric circuits or the value of such amplification.
  • Preamplifier: A type of AMP (amplifier) mainly used to adjust the signal output from audio devices.
Handy Video Recorder (HVR)

The Handy Video Recorder of our group is a music video recorder that supports recording in high-resolution audio*1 sound quality. Currently sold products support 4K image quality, enabling uploading of high image / sound quality videos to video posting sites, such as YouTube provided by YouTube, LLC, and SNS. The flagship product Q8n-4K supports the latest V2 standard with exchangeable microphone capsules and has 2 channels (2CH) of microphone input terminals, allowing use for not only for recording the band's practices and taking selfies of singing while playing but also for live streaming and Web conferencing as a Web camera for PC/Mac featuring high sound quality.

  • High-Resolution Audio: According to the definition by JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association), the term "high-resolution audio" refers to audio in which either the sampling frequency (kHz) or the quantization bit rate (bit) exceeds the CD specification, where the CD specification is 16-bit/44.1kHz or 48kHz.
Microphones (MIC)
ZPC-1, iQ6, iQ7, Am7

The lineup of the iQ series and Am7 are recording microphones that can be connected to the iOS devices provided by Apple Inc. and the Android OS devices provided by Google LLC to allow CD-quality stereo recordings. At the same time, we provide the HandyRecorder App with high-quality sound recording and editing functions, and the Mobile HandyShare App that allows high-quality image and high-quality sound movie capturing using the smartphone’s camera image and our microphone. We are also upgrading our lineup of the ZPC-1, a matched pair of pencil stereo mics that allows for full-scale stereo recording.

Vocal Processor (VCP)

A lineup of effectors that can add musical harmonies to the human voice, such as vocals and voices, convert it into a robotic machine voice, and even integrate a voice changer to control voice quality characteristics that vary with gender and age.
The desktop vocal processor, V3, is a typical product that is helpful for podcasters and video distributors.

Audio Interface (AIF)
UAC-232, S6 SessionTrack

Audio Interface is a product that provides an audio entry/exit port to a computer. Since only digital signals are accepted in the computer, the audio interface takes care of the conversion from analog to digital when inputting audio into the computer and from digital to analog when listening to the computer audio. Our group released the UAC-232 in February 2023, the world's first stand-alone unit that supports the 32-bit float format and requires no input gain adjustment, and the S6 SessionTrak in June 2023, an ultra-low-latency remote session terminal that enables band ensembles to be played between up to six remote locations without the need for a PC, as a new innovative audio interface product.

Brands Offered by Mogar

A sales agent in southern Europe of our group and the consolidated subsidiary Mogar Music S.r.l. handles product brands other than those of our company as well. Brands other than those of our company imported and sold by Mogar Music S.r.l. as a sales agent are classified as the independent category Mogar Brands.

Brands Offered by HookUp

HookUp Inc., which became a consolidated subsidiary in January 2021 as a result of the acquisition of shares, handles product brands other than those of our company. Brands other than those of our company imported and sold by HookUp Inc. as a sales agent are classified as the independent category HookUp Brands.

Brands Offered by Sound Service

Sound-Service Musikanlagen-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH and its subsidiary Sound Service MSL Distribution Ltd., which became a consolidated subsidiary in January 2023 through the acquisition of shares, handles the product brands by other than our company. Brands other than our company that the Sound-Service Musikanlagen-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH and Sound Service MSL Distribution Ltd. import/distribute as sales agents are treated as Sound Service brands as an independent category.

For further details on products or to purchase, please visit our product website.