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Zoom's mission is to assist creators and increase the number of new creators. The work of Creators’ works bring people fun, excitement, peace of mind and joy. Moreover, the creative act itself gives creators a sense of being alive and enriches their lives.
Encouraging people to live fulfilling lives as human beings, strengthening the bonds between different people, and expanding cultural diversity; we believe that the role played by creators is extremely important to society, and that supporting creators in their activities will help solve many of the issues the world is facing.

Thanks to everyone's support, in 2023 Zoom was able to celebrate its 40th anniversary, an important milestone. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our shareholders, our customers and all our stakeholders for their warm support.
Over the past 40 years, building on the digital signal processing technology accumulated while developing audio effectors for modifying the sound of electric guitars, we have achieved a variety of technological breakthroughs. They include the development of multi-track recording, sequencers (automatic performance) and sound source playback technology which are required for music production, high-res and 3D sound recording which are crucial to sound designers, time code synchronization and high-performance preamplifiers which are powerful allies in video production, image processing that ensures clear images even in live music venues with mixed lighting, dual AD and 32-bit float technology that simultaneously solves problems like "distortion" and "noise accumulation" during recording, compact and sturdy housings, dry battery-based eco-friendly design, excellent cost performance and more.

The categories of creators that Zoom is in a position to help have increased over the years, a phenomenon driven not only by the simple accumulation of technology, but also by a keen eye (ear) for beauty in the constant pursuit of good sound, and the invaluable know-how, and imaginative power of our employees who have first-hand experience of music-based creative activities. By combining the above with innovative technologies we have been helping an ever-increasing number of creators and have developed products that increase the number of creators themselves. We are committed to remain faithful to this philosophy as we continue to grow as a company in today's rapidly changing world.

However, the times may also require us to take on new challenges without being bound by established frameworks. In the next 40 years, experimentation and open innovation will be extremely important in order to bring to life new ideas that surpass the imagination of creators. Never forgetting our core identity and what Zoom stands for, we will keep striving to create an organization that can act in flexible and bold ways.

We therefore thank you for your continued support in our endeavors to bring happiness to ever more people with our innovative and exciting product lineup.

Shunsuke Kudoh

Representative Director and CEO

February 2024